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Yesterday I took an aqua aerobics class - not because I’m an old lady, but because I like old ladies and they like me. Plus it’s a fabulous opportunity to feel youthful and sessy. I thought it would be like this:

I was mildly disappointed by the lack of geris, but I digress. While aqua aerobicsizing I noticed a NYC Department of Health poster on the wall. What the fuck is this, Mike Bloomberg? Poster of obvious, gross things presented by adorable little children nuggets? Creepy. I think I’ll stick to regular, dry cardio, thanks.

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Lowbrow and brilliant

I love NY Magazine’s weekly approval matrix, mainly because everything in the bottom right quadrant holds a special place in my heart. This week is no exception: Andy Samberg posing as a 70’s tennis player on the cover of the Times magazine? Yes, please! Ryan Gosling breaking up a fight over art in the East Village? Hubba hubba. My only complaint is that Bloomberg’s fear mongering approach to Irene isn’t included at all, but c’est la vie.

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